Digital sobriety and accessibility at the service of innovation

Resources and training modules for digital project managers

The Project

Faced with the climate crisis, saving and rationalizing energy also concerns the Internet and its websites, designed today to host more and more videos as well as high-definition and enriched content. Defining a digital strategy for its organization questions the environmental impact of the digital products developed. Should the audio format be preferred to the video format? Are there hosting solutions that are more eco/socially responsible than others? How to set up an eco-responsible digital strategy? These are all questions that show both the collective awareness of our responsibility in the choices we make both personally and professionally and the lack of knowledge of the digital tools we use every day, at home and at work. The global movement of digitization of society, which is leading towards ever more connectivity and enriched content, raises the question of its control and sustainability. Beyond the words "Print this email only if necessary", it is urgent to train professionals in charge of digital projects on these issues.

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Project’s Challenges

The Good Manager project will have to face 4 major challenges.

  1. How to develop low-tech micro-learning?
  2. How to conciliate digital accessibility and low-tech?
  3. How to manage a 24-month digital European project in a sustainable way?
  4. How to evaluate the environmental impact of a digital project such as The Good Manager?